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House of Flying Daggers – Thập Diện Mai Phục

House of Flying Daggers – Thập Diện Mai Phục

Dec. 31, 2004Unknown44 Min.Not Rated
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Tóm tắt

Main Characters/Performers: 1. Xiao Mei – first appearing as new star dancer in lavish Peony Pavilion brothel, Mei is believed to be the blind daughter of a rebel group’s recently assassinated leader- played by Zhang Ziyi . 2. Jin – police captain in the ruling Tang emperor’s service, enlisted by his superior Leo to play the role of double agent by helping Mei escape and getting her to lead him – and government troops – to the rebel stronghold – played by Takeshi Kaneshiro. 3. Leo – introduced as a high ranking policeman in the Tang emperor’s service, Leo turns out to a mole planted years earlier by the rebels working to overthrow the corrupt ruling Tang government – played by Andy Lau.

House of Flying Daggers – Thập Diện Mai Phục
Tiêu đề gốc Making of House of Flying Daggers
IMDb Rating 7.1 65 votes
Xếp hạng TMDb 7 6 votes

Đạo diễn

Zhang Yimou
Đạo diễn

Diễn viên

Andy Lau isCaptain Leo
Captain Leo
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