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Seoul thất thủ (Vietsub) – Seoul Station

Seoul thất thủ (Vietsub) – Seoul Station

The animated prequel to TRAIN TO BUSAN.Aug. 17, 2016South Korea92 Min.Not Rated
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Tóm tắt

Suk-gyu is desperately looking for his runaway daughter. He spares neither money nor effort and after a while his search leads to results. One of his contacts claims to have found the girl. But joy is replaced by shock when he finds out that she works as a prostitute in the center of Seoul. Suk-gyu decides to pose as a client to get close to his daughter. But just before the long awaited and dreaded reunion, panic breaks out at nearby Seoul Station. The place is very popular with the homeless of the Korean capital. And one of them, who had died during the day, comes alive again and start attacking and eating another misfortunate. The undead cannibal epidemic spreads like wildfire. The authorities hermetically close off the city center and decide to wait out the end of the outbreak, until there’s no one left.

Seoul thất thủ (Vietsub) – Seoul Station
Seoul thất thủ (Vietsub) – Seoul Station
Tiêu đề gốc 서울역
IMDb Rating 6.1 7,029 votes
Xếp hạng TMDb 6.5 372 votes

Đạo diễn

Yeon Sang-ho
Đạo diễn

Diễn viên

Ryu Seung-ryong isSuk-gyu (voice)
Suk-gyu (voice)
Shim Eun-kyung isHye-sun (voice)
Hye-sun (voice)
Lee Joon isKi-woong (voice)
Ki-woong (voice)
Kim Jae-rok isMr. Lee (voice)
Mr. Lee (voice)
Jang Hyuk-jin isMr. Kim (voice)
Mr. Kim (voice)
Yeon Sang-ho isMan 4 (voice)
Man 4 (voice)
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